Believing in You

12 week Support Group led by Amie Woolsey to learn how to trust yourself and see you are enough

What is it?

Believing In You is a program that helps you work with your brain rather than against it. With Amie Woolsey walking you through every step, you’ll learn tools and concepts to gain a better awareness of your thoughts and emotions and how to gently push back on the automatic thoughts you’re brain uses to try to protect you.

How It Works

  • 3 months of weekly coaching (12 weeks)
  • 1 hour a week on-line coaching
  • Access to the recorded coaching sessions

What You Gain

    • Learn to trust yourself again and trust others
    • Take your healing to the next level
    • Tools and concepts taught each week to give you more of what you need in your next step towards healing
    • Opportunity to gain more self awareness as you observe other human brains in your group getting coached.
    • Personal coaching and support in your healing journey and in moving forward with your life.
    • Learning to love yourself, validate yourself and get to know yourself, perhaps for the first time!
    • You will see that you are ENOUGH exactly as you are right now
    • Work through triggers and trauma responses
    • Create confidence rather than self doubt
    • Get help and support surrounding the negative emotions that surely come with fears of rejection and self doubt
    • Learn the different levels of HEALTHY INTIMACY 
    • Healing old thoughts about your body and creating new empowering thoughts
    • Know that you are 100% of WORTH and VALUE no matter what
    • Learn to love yourself fiercely FIRST

Free Registration, $75/week or a one-time upfront payment of $780 ($120 savings)

Starts: TBA