Believing in You

Ongoing Support Group led by Amie Woolsey to learn how to trust yourself and see you are enough

What is it?

Believing In You is a program that helps you work with your brain rather than against it. With Amie Woolsey walking you through every step, you’ll learn tools and concepts to gain a better awareness of your thoughts and emotions and how to gently push back on the automatic thoughts you’re brain uses to try to protect you.

This program is all about helping you take your healing journey to the next level. This means learning key principles, tools and concepts that will help you move forward to trust, love, empowerment and finding joy in the journey once again.
Being a member of the Believing In You program comes with so many benefits and access to coaching with Amie every week. It’s important to have a safe space to be seen, heard and know that even if you don’t believe in yourself right now, someone else does. 

What You Gain

    • Learn to trust yourself again and trust others
    • Take your healing to the next level
    • Tools and concepts taught each week to give you more of what you need in your next step towards healing
    • Opportunity to gain more self awareness as you observe other human brains in your group getting coached.
    • Personal coaching and support in your healing journey and in moving forward with your life.
    • Learning to love yourself, validate yourself and get to know yourself, perhaps for the first time!
    • You will see that you are ENOUGH exactly as you are right now
    • Work through triggers and trauma responses
    • Create confidence rather than self doubt
    • Get help and support surrounding the negative emotions that surely come with fears of rejection and self doubt
    • Learn the different levels of HEALTHY INTIMACY 
    • Healing old thoughts about your body and creating new empowering thoughts
    • Know that you are 100% of WORTH and VALUE no matter what
    • Learn to love yourself fiercely FIRST

How It Works

This Membership is on a 12 week rotation, so you’ll be with the same group of women for 12 weeks at a time. With your membership you’ll get:

  • Continuous weekly coaching until you cancel your membership
    • You may renew or cancel your membership every 12 week cycle
  • Two free 1:1 sessions per 12 week cycle
  • 20 hours of coaching each 12 week cycle!
  • Continued membership: hold your membership rate at the price in which you signed up with
  • 3 Payment options
    • Pay 12 weeks at a time to receive additional discount price
    • Monthly payments
    • Weekly payments
  • Marco Polo will be available for additional weekly coaching in between sessions
  • Facebook group for moral support and or additional coaching
  • Worksheets available for additional opportunities to take your healing to the next level!
  • Video recorded sessions that will be available to all members as long as they are registered


Not Sure This Is The Right Fit for You?

Book a consultation with Amie to assess if you are ready to take this next step in your healing. Everyone is on their own individual journey and it’s Amie’s goal to support you and to meet you where you are at, helping you achieve the goals you have for your healing. 

$85/week or $340/month or $900/12 week cycle ($120 in savings!)

 Class starts April 5th, Wednesdays 11am PT (12pm MT)

To join the wait-list now, please email with the subject line “BIY Membership Wait-list

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