Betrayal Trauma First Aid

A group led by Jess Kovic, Certified Coach/APSATS Trained about the first phase of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

What It's All About

This course will cover the basics of the first phase of betrayal trauma recovery. We will cover topics like grounding with breath work, consistency in recovery, importance of individual healing, establishing safety, exploring values and beginning to understand and create boundaries. I am starting this course to be a “first aid” resource for those that have just found themselves in the throws of betrayal from sexual addition, pornography addiction or infidelity in their relationship or those that have been in the struggle for awhile but are just starting to explore recovery. This course is intended to give the much needed initial support and information for the betrayed to start to move forward.

How It Works

Clients will gain tools to help them ground, connect with themselves and begin the road to recovery. I will be teaching the basics of what sex addiction is, how it shows up in the relationship and how to create individual safety. They should walk away with these basics and feel empowered to deepen their work in self focused recovery, to recover to the person they are meant to be.

Led by Betrayal Trauma coach Jess Kovic over Zoom

Every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm PST, starting February 15th

Free 8 week course, ends April 5th

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