Body Love Class

Amie Woolsey helps you navigate your own healing with your body.

Whether you have always struggled with loving your body or it’s an impact from betrayal trauma and or abuse, learning to love your body is essential to healing the whole self.

Trauma has a way of distancing us from our bodies. As a result, we might avoid really feeling our bodies, in a conscious or unconscious effort to suppress the trauma memory. Reconnecting with the body is an important part of healing.

Healing my thoughts about my body has been an empowering journey.
I no longer believe that my body is wrong, or not good enough.

I no longer feel shame about my body and I am so proud of all that my body has done and still does to survive trauma.

In this free class, I offer tools and concepts to help you navigate your own healing with your body. It’s possible to change the way you look at, and think about your own body- come find out how!

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