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Boundaries – Beyond the Definition

If you’ve spent much time in the betrayal trauma recovery scene, you have probably run into the topic of setting boundaries. It can be extremely empowering to understand the principle of boundaries and how they can help you on your path to healing and recovery. If you are new to this idea, check out Boundaries for Beginners, a podcast by Ashly, one of our betrayal trauma coaches.

Ashly is a huge advocate for setting healthy boundaries and could be considered one of our “specialists” as she has taught multiple classes on boundaries for WORTH Thrive, and now offers special boundary tutoring classes. In her most recent blog post, she talks about how we need to help each other set boundaries – beyond the definition. “When I was in the middle of trauma…I wished I had someone who could objectively look at what was happening and help me figure out specific boundaries for my situation – not just define the word and give an example.” (read her full blog post here)

Have you ever wanted help with setting boundaries – beyond the definition? Have you ever wanted someone to not only help you recognize where you might need a boundary but also give you tools and advice on how to implement them? If so, check out Ashly’s Boundary Tutoring Class.

At Choose Recovery Services, each of our amazing coaches have walked the path of healing and recovery themselves. We’ve been there, we understand, and we want to help you on your path to healing and recovery. If you could use some help beyond setting boundaries, consider scheduling an appointment with one of our coaches. Click here to get to know them a little!

Ashly Hunter

Ashly is an Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Coach with Choose Recovery Services while attending grad school for her Clinical Mental Health Counselor degree. Her drive to be a life coach comes from her personal experience with betrayal trauma and divorce. She currently sees clients for individual coaching sessions as well as 30-minute boundary tutoring sessions.

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