Choose 360 - Full Awareness

Choose 360 is a support group for men who have reached a sense of wholeness in their recovery and are looking to maintain their recovery through awareness, accountability, and comradery.

Choose Recovery Services has recognized there is no finish line for those recovering from sexual compulsions (previously known as sexual addictions), infidelity, and betrayal, rather it’s a continual journey of learning and growth. Without intentional maintenance and awareness, those in recovery run the risk of slipping into old unwanted thinking patterns, habits, and behaviors. Choose 360 provides support to men who have reached a sense of wholeness in their recovery, and are looking to maintain their recovery.

What It's All About

Choose 360 is a support group for men who have gained sobriety (Choose 90), understand how their emotions relate to their behaviors (Choose 180), and recognize the need to maintain their recovery for continued healthy living. Those who join this group will find a sense of comradery with others who have walked a similar path. This group provides an opportunity to be held accountable through a check-in with a coach, talk about topics that are top-of-mind, and participate at a frequency that fits your preferences. 

How It Works

When you join Choose 360, you’re in the driver’s seat of your recovery. We offer flexible options so you can participate based on your needs. Each session is a 60-minute Zoom call led by one of Choose Recovery Service’s certified coaches, with the following membership options:

Once a month-$60

Twice a month-$80

Three a month-$100

Four a month-$120

If you have not previously attended Choose 90 or Choose 180 you will have an intake session- $110.

Coaches & Therapists

Choose 360 1

Sy Bee

Professional Coach and Men's Addiction Recovery Coach

Available Sessions

All groups are held online for 60 min via Zoom

Choose 360 – Full Awareness
Mondays at 7pm MT  –  Led by Sy Bee

6:00 pm according to your timezone (PDT)

You will pick your Session in the next section

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