Choose Recovery for Couples

An ongoing group for couples led by Alana and Luke Gordon

What It's All About

Are you and your partner struggling to heal after infidelity or betrayal? Are you ready to rebuild trust and strengthen your relationship? Do you need a safe place to learn tools together, where you can both learn and grow? Our couples course is here to help.

This comprehensive support group is designed to provide you and your partner with the tools and support you need to work through the pain and begin rebuild your relationship. Alana and Luke tag team teaching and support to guide you through the healing process and help you communicate effectively, regain trust, and begin to move forward.

How It Works

Weekly ongoing group designed to both educate and empower couples to rebuild trust and strengthen your relationship

  • Each Session is 1 hour each week.
  • Payments taken weekly
  • Ongoing group, starts beginning of April
  • Group meets Mondays 5:30pm PT

Led by Alana Gordon, MFTI, CCPS, CSAT Candidate & Luke Gordon, Certified Men’s Mental Health Coach and Addiction Recovery Coach

Sessions start is TBA and will be every Monday at 6:30pm MT

8:30 pm according to your timezone (EDT)

Please email us at if you are interested

Cost is $150/wk per couple

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