Choosing to Stay after Infidelity and Betrayal Q&A

A monthly webinar led by Hali Roderick to answer your questions about what it takes and how to continue choosing to stay after Infidelity and Betrayal

What It's All About

Free Q&A for individuals or couples who are Choosing to Stay After Infidelity.  Hali Roderick is offering a free monthly webinar for couples who are committed to staying together after infidelity. Couples in this situation face difficult challenges, but can also find unique rewards as they work toward healing. Hali invites you to join her to gain new insights, gather information, and learn practical tools you can immediately put into practice. Each session will include a Q&A portion where Hali will address questions that are top-of-mind for your unique situation. As you participate in the Choosing to Stay Webinar, you will discover potential areas for growth so you can begin to rebuild your relationship on a solid foundation.

How It Works

You will be sent a Zoom link for this event through email after you register. You will also have the ability to ask questions about your own journey.

Held the second Sunday of every month at 7pm MT

9:00 pm according to your timezone (EDT)

Listen to Hali’s new podcast Choosing to Stay After Infidelity and Betrayal, available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts