Choosing to Stay...Now What?

Rediscover your worth and identity

Is this Group Coaching the Right Fit for You?

Has there been infidelity in your marriage?

Is your husband making efforts to create safety and make amends?

Are you choosing to stay, but still find yourself struggling to find your individual worth and identity?

Are you still dealing with triggers?

What You Will Receive:

  • 12 weeks of coaching in a small group setting (3-4 women or 3-4 men) where you will have the opportunity to receive individual support as well as connect with a few other women (or men) who are going through similar experiences
  • Learn how your nervous system is affected after betrayal and some actionable steps to reclaim control of your body and mind when it becomes activated
  • Work on trusting yourself so that you can be open to the idea of trusting your spouse again
  • Gain skills and tools to help you discover who you really are separate of your spouse and to embrace the new version of yourself and how to be true to yourself in the new version of your marriage!

If you are choosing to stay after infidelity but still find yourself struggling to emerge from the darkness and mud that you have experienced, then this group might be for you!

The lotus flower grows up through the dark and out into the light of the sun. You too can find your true beauty and strength after betrayal and come to love the new version of yourself.

We will take a look at some areas of your recovery where there is room for more growth. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition and have more peace in your life. I believe that relationships can be rebuilt after betrayal if both spouses are willing to do the work of creating a new and solid foundation – a new relationship.

Join me to learn how you can show up as a healthy and confident version of yourself!

For Women

Our next session starts January 9th, and will be Mondays at 9am PT

$75/week for 12 weeks

Space is limited to 4 women

For Men

Our next session starts January 9th, and will be Mondays at 5pm PT

$75/week for 12 weeks

Space is limited to 4 men