Dating After Divorce

A 3 day course about dating after going through Divorce led by Amie Woolsey

What It's All About

Whether you are ready or not this class is for You! The thoughts of dating after divorce most often come with anxiety and nausea. It’s the LAST things you want to be thinking about after you divorce. However, I would bet that most of you have already thought about what this might look like while you were contemplating divorce in the first place. In fact you might have stayed in your unhealthy relationship just to avoid being alone and dealing with this.
Yet, this course is not all about dating. Well it is, but it starts with learning more about yourself! Learning to love yourself alone will set you up for the healthy risk of dating. 
It’s always a risk, there is no getting around it, but it doesn’t have to be dreadful. If you are in the place where the thought of dating makes your heart feel like it’s jumping your of your chest (minus the warm fuzzies), then this class is for you! Let’s find out WHY you are not feeling ready, lets see what thoughts your brain is offering you to keep you from looking forward and stuck in the past trauma. 
Being ready to date doesn’t mean you have to date. But if you don’t give yourself the option, then you are not acting, but rather being acted upon. 
Lets get empowered and learn how to date yourself FIRST!

How It Works

3 day course over Zoom with Amie Woolsey, Certified Life Coach



Next session starts Aug 26-28th