Dating From Within: Divorce to Empowered Dating Workshop

A 3-day course that empowers you to embrace self-love, rebuild your self-esteem, and become the best version of yourself, making you ready to date from a place of inner strength and authenticity

Are you ready to take charge of your post-divorce journey? Whether you’re eager to dive back into dating or feeling apprehensive about it, this course is designed with YOU in mind.

I understand that the idea of dating after divorce can bring about a mix of emotions, from anxiety to nausea. It may seem like the last thing you want to think about after your divorce. Yet, the truth is, many of you have already contemplated what this new chapter might look like, perhaps even during the difficult moments leading up to your divorce. You may have stayed in an unhealthy relationship simply to avoid the prospect of being alone or facing the dating world again. I get it!

What It Looks Like

  • 3 Evening Session
  • 2 Hours Each Session
  • Opportunity to ask questions along the way
  • Opportunity to get coached around your stuck points
  • Recorded sessions for limited time access
  • Worksheets to support the concepts taught

What You Will Gain

  • Learn how to date yourself first
  • How to know if you are ready to date again
  • Understand how you are thinking and feeling about yourself and relationships on a deeper energetic level
  • Awareness around how you are currently showing up ( or not showing up) to the dating experience and how to make a shift is desired.
  • Basic tips and tricks to dating, when you are ready, that keep you empowered through the process
  • How to make sure you don’t get into another bad relationship
  • …And so much more!

Being ready to date doesn’t mean you have to rush into it, but when you’re in a healthier place emotionally and mentally, you’ll find yourself attracting healthier options. I’m excited to work with you and help you achieve the success you desire. While there’s no denying that the thought of dating can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be dreadful.

If the idea of dating sends your heart racing for all the wrong reasons, this class is tailored just for you. Let’s explore why you may not be feeling ready, examine the thoughts that your mind is serving up to keep you from looking forward, and free you from the shackles of past trauma.

Remember, being ready to date doesn’t mean you have to date immediately, but by giving yourself the option, you’re taking control of your own destiny. Let’s empower you to embark on the journey of dating yourself FIRST!

Coaches & Therapists

Image of Amie Woolsey

Amie Woolsey

Certified Life Coach, CPC, Brainspotting Practitioner, APSATS-Candidate, ELI-MP, COR.E

Dating From Within
October 12-14th, 7pm MT  –  Led by Amie Woolsey

9:00 pm according to your timezone (EDT)