Elements of Abuse

A 3 day course with Amie Woosley and Kim Day, designed for women to help them recognize unhealthy patterns in relationships

What it's about

This psycho-education course is designed for women to help them gain the basic tools and understanding of the unhealthy patterns in their current or past relationships.

Many women either have some idea that there are signs of abuse in their relationships or they at least know that something is definitely way off, but they just don’t have the vocabulary to accurately define it. 

Awareness is so important to begin the process of healing. We walk you through the key elements of abuse and how to move forward into healing and a healthier relationship

What you'll gain

  • The tools to recognize and affect unhealthy patterns in your relationship
  • A confidential judgement-free, shame-free space to begin the process of healing
  • Validation and support from other women who get it
  • Kim Day’s Relationship Assessment and an understanding of your result
  • The “Stages of Denial” Workshop (included with course)

Next Session: Aug 16-18th at 5:00pm PT  –  $75/day or $225 paid upfront

Email [email protected] with questions or for more info

The last day to register for the August Session of Elements of Abuse is August 12th

Get "Stages of Denial" Workshop Seperately

Purchase just the Stages of Denial self-paced workshop for $7