Foundational Healing

Dive deep into the basics of healing with Amie Woolsey

What It's All About

This coaching group is for anyone who wants to dive deep into the basics of healing. Whether you are new to the betrayal and trauma world because you just had the rug ripped out from underneath you, and you’re not sure what to do right now, or you are feeling stuck in your healing and quite possibly need a refresher on these critical basics of healing.

When you experience trauma, there is a disconnect between your brain and your body. Healing is learning how to function from the higher self and you do that by learning how to be more aware of the body, accept the feelings that are coming and choose how you want to move forward.

Healing your thoughts about your physical body is also a huge part of healing from betrayal. You will get intense training on how to learn to love your body again, or perhaps for the first time!

Get a deeper understanding of:

  • How to recognize triggers and know what to do with them
  • Becoming more empowered in your healing journey
  • Making decisions around your healing and relationships without self-doubt
  • Boundaries and how to implement them
  • Tapping into a higher energy that will get you unstuck and moving forward
  • Working through your struggles around trust and forgiveness
  • Tools to help you become a healthy independent woman who is looking for a healthy interdependent relationship
  • How to implement healthy levels of intimacy in your own life first, which will enhance your intimacy with others.


This and SO MUCH MORE! Spots are limited so get yours today.

If you are not sure if this is the right fit for you, feel free to book a consultation with Amie to chat!

Sessions are ongoing, and you can repeat as often as you like.

$100/session – Ongoing Group
or 8 weeks for $720