Healing Hearts

A course led by Stephanie Hamby for couples in early recovery who need support healing and relationship repair

What It's All About

Healing Hearts Live Group is a supportive community for couples seeking healing after betrayal and infidelity, emphasizing the development of empathy, integrity, and authentic intimacy, offering practical tools, skills, and a nurturing community to navigate challenges and foster relational growth.

What You Will Gain

  • A deeper understanding of the complexities involved in healing after betrayal and infidelity.
  • Enhanced skills in communication, fostering healthier dialogue and connection.
  • Practical tools tailored to their specific relational goals, empowering them to navigate challenges with courage and confidence.
  • A supportive community of couples facing similar struggles, offering empathy, validation, encouragement, and shared experiences.
  • Increased resilience and emotional strength to confront and overcome obstacles in their journey towards relational healing.
  • The opportunity to cultivate authentic intimacy and rebuild trust within their relationship.

How It Works

-Ongoing live group support for navigating relational healing post-betrayal and infidelity
-Focus on integrity, empathy, and authentic intimacy as foundational principles
-Develop healthy communication patterns to foster understanding and connection
-Learn practical tools and skills customized to support your relational goals
-Address and process challenges as they arise within a supportive community

Coaches & Therapists

Image of Stephanie Hamby

Stephanie Hamby

Relational Recovery Coach, MCLC, ERCEM-Candidate, APSATS Candidate, Brainspotting Practitioner

Available Sessions

75 minute sessions held over Zoom, $75/couple per week, ongoing
(Only register once, spouse will be added in 2-3 business days)

There are currently no open sessions available. The next live group is on hold until later this year.  
In the meantime, sign up for the Healing Hearts 15 week self-paced course

If you are interested in joining a Live Healing Hearts course,
please fill out this survey with what days and times would work for you and your partner

Healing Hearts – Live
Wednesdays at 11am MT  – Led by Stephanie Hamby

1:00 pm according to your timezone (EDT)