Healing Hearts

A course led by Stephanie Hamby for couples in early recovery who need support healing and relationship repair

What It's All About

Healing Hearts Live Group is a supportive community for couples seeking healing after betrayal and infidelity, emphasizing the development of empathy, integrity, and authentic intimacy, offering practical tools, skills, and a nurturing community to navigate challenges and foster relational growth.

What You Will Gain

  • A deeper understanding of the complexities involved in healing after betrayal and infidelity.
  • Enhanced skills in communication, fostering healthier dialogue and connection.
  • Practical tools tailored to their specific relational goals, empowering them to navigate challenges with courage and confidence.
  • A supportive community of couples facing similar struggles, offering empathy, validation, encouragement, and shared experiences.
  • Increased resilience and emotional strength to confront and overcome obstacles in their journey towards relational healing.
  • The opportunity to cultivate authentic intimacy and rebuild trust within their relationship.

How It Works

-Ongoing live group support for navigating relational healing post-betrayal and infidelity
-Focus on integrity, empathy, and authentic intimacy as foundational principles
-Develop healthy communication patterns to foster understanding and connection
-Learn practical tools and skills customized to support your relational goals
-Address and process challenges as they arise within a supportive community

Available Sessions

75 minute sessions held over Zoom, $75/couple per week, ongoing
(Only register once, spouse will be added in 2-3 business days)

Healing Hearts – Live
Wednesdays at 11am MT (Starting 4/3/24)  – Led by Stephanie Hamby

1:00 pm according to your timezone (EDT)