Healing Hearts

A course led by Stephanie Hamby for couples in early recovery who need support healing and relationship repair

What It's All About

This Couples Course is a comprehensive program designed for early recovery and healing couples to learn and experience valuable insights together. It focuses on partner betrayal trauma and sexual integrity issues or addiction. The course provides practical education and tools to support healing for the partner and relationship repair. In addition to our group time together, couples receive downloadable resources, digital worksheets, and digital courses for their work. Our group sessions consist of education, sharing, discussion time, and the opportunity to practice implementing the skills they are learning.

Throughout the program, couples will learn about the impact of partner betrayal trauma and sexual integrity issues on both the partner and the relationship. They will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying factors that contribute to these issues and their effects on attachment, intimacy, and emotional connection.

Healing Hearts provides a safe and supportive environment for couples to share their experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance from experienced facilitators. Group sessions include educational presentations on various topics related to partner betrayal trauma and sexual integrity, allowing couples to learn and gain insights from each other’s experiences.

In addition to the group sessions, couples can access downloadable resources and worksheets for individual work. These resources help couples explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to partner betrayal trauma and sexual integrity issues. They provide practical tools and exercises to support healing and relationship repair.

The course also includes a digital course that couples can access weekly prior to our meeting time together. This course provides additional educational content and exercises for couples to work on individually or together. It covers topics such as understanding partner betrayal trauma, sexual integrity issues/addiction, understanding and navigating emotions, safety and stabilization, improving communication, supporting triggers, setting boundaries, and addressing underlying problems contributing to partner betrayal trauma and sexual integrity issues.

By participating in Healing Hearts, couples can learn and practice new skills that can support their healing journey and promote relationship repair. They will gain a deeper understanding of their own experiences and their partner’s experiences, fostering empathy and connection. Through education, sharing, and discussion, couples can work towards relational repair, creating emotional safety, and healing together.

How It Works

Learn about:

– Partner betrayal trauma & sexual integrity issues
– Seeking honesty, safety & truth
– Relational & communication skills for healing
– Early recovery couples empathy building
– Healthy healing after infidelity & betrayal
– Authentic intimacy & connection building
– Post-traumatic growth


Week One: Setting intention and willingness
Week Two: Understanding the stages of healing from partner betrayal
Week Three: Understanding Sexual Integrity issues/addiction
Week Four: Collaborating on Safety and Stability
Week Five: Acknowledge and Identify your emotions
Week Six: Empathy Enlightenment
Week Seven: Intimacy avoidance and emotional attunement
Week Eight: Check-ins- Connection
Week Nine: Values, differences, wounds, and fears
Week Ten: Authentic Intimacy – Your Intimacy pyramid
Week Eleven: Triggers
Week Twelve: Relational tools and skills
Week Thirteen: Secure Connection
Week Fourteen: Grief, anger, and losses
Week Fifteen: Post Traumatic Growth

Led by Stephanie Hamby

Next start date TBA

$100/couple per week for 15 weeks
(Only register once, spouse will be added in 2-3 business days)
90 minute sessions held over Zoom

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