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Get Your Dating Questions Answered

Are you single and dating? Single and wish you were dating? What emotions come up when you think about dating or your current dating situation? Do you often feel worried or confused? Are you struggling to know if this person is the “right one”?

What if you are dating someone who has told you about their struggle with pornography? What now? Or perhaps you are struggling with pornography and not sure if you need to tell the one you are dating? 

So many questions! Well I want to be able to answer those for you in this webinar for singles 18-24 years of age. 

Join Amie Woolsey as she offers tips and trick to make your dating experience a healthy one as well as answer those burning questions you may have. 

This is for all Young Single Adults 18-25 who are navigating the dating world.

It’s hard enough to try and figure out if the person you are dating really likes you or not, or if “this is the one”, but how do you start those “tough” discussions like pornography, addiction and betrayal?

Come learn how to have those seemingly difficult conversations in a healthy way. Get your questions answered around what to bring up and when if you are the one who’s struggling with pornography now or in the past. Learn what questions to ask so that you can have all the information you need to be able to discern truth and trust.

Too many of these conversations are being ignored, glossed over quickly, and not really talked about again until years into a relationship when betrayal and pain have now entered the relationship. Let’s start talking about this and get rid of the shame, fear, and awkwardness around topics that change lives forever if ignored or overlooked.

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