Honoring Our Bodies Through Awareness and Nutrition

A Webinar led by Jori Pena about Nutrition and Awareness when going through trauma

What It's All About

When we go through betrayal trauma we go into fight or flight mode. Our bodies are in autopilot and we often numb our bodies and what they are telling us. This can lead to illness over time. Our bodies give us important information. We will find easy ways to tune in and honor our bodies. We will discuss simple steps towards building a more nutritious foundation which can lead to a decrease in depression and anxiety and increase our energy and physical health.

How It Works

Join this free webinar to learn more about Nutrition and how trauma affects the body, then ask questions

Clients will gain:

  • Ideas for connecting to their bodies,
  • body scans,
  • meditation, etc.
  • Nutrition tips,
  • ideas to add to their diet and what they can try to avoid

Led by Jori Pena

60 min Webinar held over Zoom

January 23rd, 2024 at 7pm MT

9:00 pm according to your timezone (EDT)