Leaning In: Betrayal Trauma

A Betrayal Trauma Support Group for Those Who Are Ready To Lean Into The Relationship led by Alana Gordon, MFTI, CCPS-C, Betrayal Trauma Individual and Couples Coach

What It's All About

This group is for women who have enough safety in the relationship that they feel ready to starting leaning in again after betrayal.

This is for women who

  • Have spouses are working recovery
  • Are ready to work on some relational healing
  • May still have some triggers, but are not currently in a continually traumatized state or have had new trauma recently
  • Want to gain tools, processing, and support around complexities of leaning in to the relationship after a betrayal

How It Works

You will gain

  • support in how to have hard conversations
  • Tools for grounding self in the relationship
  • Understanding of responses from you and your partner
  • Support of other women in similar stages of healing
  • Assignments and activities to work on between groups to keep your healing progressing

This ongoing group meets once a week for 90 minutes over Zoom, $50/week whether you attend or not

Led by Alana Gordon

Group meets at 9am MT

11:00 am according to your timezone (EDT)

$50/week paid weekly,
Ongoing group