Leaning In

Betrayed Partners' Advanced Support Group

Welcome to our betrayed partners’ support group for women who are ready to take the next step in their healing. If you’ve been through the initial stages of betrayal trauma and have found some stability in your healing journey, you’ve come to the right place. This group is designed for women who are ready to dive deeper into their betrayal trauma healing work, while simultaneously focusing on individual growth and relational healing within their relationships.

About Us

In Leaning In, we understand the complex emotions and challenges that come with betrayal trauma. Whether you’ve experienced infidelity, deceit, or any form of betrayal within your relationship, our group provides a safe and supportive space for you to explore your feelings, experiences, and healing journey alongside others who understand.

What We Offer

  • Safe and Confidential Environment: Our group meetings provide a confidential space where you can share your experiences without fear of judgment. Trust and confidentiality are fundamental to our group’s ethos, allowing for open and honest discussions.
  • Holistic Healing Approach: We recognize that healing from betrayal trauma involves more than just addressing the wounds caused by the betrayal itself. Our approach integrates individual healing with relational growth, empowering you to address both personal and interpersonal aspects of your journey.
  • Specialized Tools and Techniques: Through guided discussions, therapeutic exercises, and evidence-based practices, we explore a range of tools and techniques to support your healing process. From mindfulness and self-care practices to communication skills and boundary setting, our group sessions offer practical strategies for navigating the complexities of betrayal trauma.
  • Community Support: Building connections with others who share similar experiences can be immensely healing. Our group provides a supportive community where you can find validation, empathy, and encouragement from fellow betrayed partners who are on similar paths towards healing.
  • Expert Facilitation: Led by experienced coaches and therapists trained in trauma-informed care, our group sessions are structured to ensure a supportive and constructive environment for healing. Our facilitators provide guidance, insight, and resources to help you navigate your journey with compassion and understanding.

Who Can Benefit?

Our group is specifically tailored for women who have already begun their journey of healing from betrayal trauma and are seeking additional support and resources to deepen their healing process. Whether you’re currently in a relationship and looking to rebuild trust or focusing on personal growth and empowerment, our group welcomes you with open arms.

Join Us

If you’re ready to take the next step in your betrayal trauma healing journey and would like to connect with other women who understand and support you, we invite you to join our group. Together, we can navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories, and empower each other to heal and thrive.

Contact Us: To learn more about our group meetings, schedule, and how to join, please contact us at info@chooserecoveryservices.com | 702.277.9145. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of healing and support with Leaning in.

Coaches & Therapists

Image of Hali Roderick

Hali Roderick

TICC Trauma Informed Certified Coach, ICF Certified, APSATS Trainee, Certified* Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Recovery Coach

Available Sessions

90 min over Zoom, $55/week ongoing

Leaning In
Mondays at 9am MT  –  Led by Hali Roderick

11:00 am according to your timezone (EDT)