Planning For Divorce Course

This digital course taught by Kim Day, LMCHA, CCPS, is for women with trauma due to betrayal or abuse who are thinking about, preparing for, or who are starting the process of divorce.

What is this course about?

Divorce can be extremely difficult in any circumstances.  But when you are already dealing with trauma from the relationship, the divorce process is often especially confusing and even traumatic in itself. 

Men frequently walk into the court system to get a divorce with a big advantage, and that advantage plays out in very real ways through getting more assets, less child support, currying more favor with the judge and lawyers, more time with the kids, more everything.  There are many reasons for this dynamic, but one big one is their ability to compartmentalize their emotions and approach it strategically.  Women can be in a very different place emotionally when navigating the complexities of trauma and that can hinder their real goals significantly going through the divorce process.  

In this course, we will address mindset, common obstacles, and strategies both for navigating the outward process, as well as managing the internal dynamics of keeping your own emotional processes from high-jacking you, to empower women as they seek the best outcomes for themselves and their children. 

How much does it cost?

This is a crash course (multiple classes condensed into one) designed for the busy woman. Get a couple weeks worth of classes for only $95 and change your perspective, strategy, and plan for divorce for the better in just one day.