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Choose To Be is focused on women healing from infidelity, betrayal trauma, or from the sexual acting out of their spouse. We are committed to helping women heal. Come be part of the conversation as we interview experts, others who have gone through this journey, as well as gain tools to help you move forward.

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Choose Recovery for Couples: Having experienced betrayal in their marriage, Luke and Alana Gordon, experts in betrayal trauma healing, and founders of Choose Recovery Services, help couples working to heal their relationship after infidelity and betrayal. Choose Recovery for Couples will include relevant training, helpful tools, and valuable resources, along with relatable stories of what has helped them on their road to recovery.

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Alana Gordon

Alana Gordon,
MFTI, CCPS, CSAT Candidate,
Betrayal Trauma Coach

Amie Woolsey
Certified Betrayal Trauma & Divorce Coach, CPC, ELI-MP, APSATS Trainee

Additional Podcasts & webinars

Hyper-vigilance Explained

Hyper-vigilance after betrayal refers to a state of heightened alertness and sensitivity to potential threats or signs of harm specifically in the context of experiencing betrayal. It is a response to the emotional trauma and loss of trust that comes from being betrayed by someone who was expected to be loyal or trustworthy. It is a common response to betrayal trauma following a disclosure. 

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people showing healthy empathy for another person

What Healthy Empathy Looks Like Through Betrayal

Empathy is so complex when we’re talking to women in betrayal trauma.
As we hone in on one area for the sake of starting somewhere, we encourage you to discern for yourself how you’re doing in these different areas. Ultimately, we hope to guide you towards embracing empathy in a way that’s healthy for you.

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woman feeling psychological safety after trauma

Creating Safety After Trauma

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, learning to create psychological safety for yourself after trauma is a huge principle of healing.

Many of us don’t even know that we’re in charge of our own safety, and since we didn’t have it in place before the betrayal happened, our next best option is to put it in place now.

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