Payment is due weekly at the time of service or single-payment before the first week. Group sessions are paid via credit or debit card, or through the support of your ecclesiastical or religious leader.

If you have a second party paying for this course, please reach out to our billing department at to request the necessary paperwork.

There are no refunds due to non-attendance.

I recognize that my video will be on screen, and the other participants may be able to see me

12 Week Commitment

By joining this group you are committing to attending for the duration of the 12-week course. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from participating the full 12 weeks, please reach out to us at | 702.277.9145

Confidentiality and Privacy

While we will make every attempt to protect your confidentiality in group, confidentiality can never fully be guaranteed in a group setting. We ask that you respect the names, faces, stories, and any other details in regards to group. Please do not share anything outside of group with any other individuals.

During meetings, please make sure to find a quiet secure space where you can wear headphones and have the faces of all participants protected. Please do not allow loved ones, including children, in the room during group sessions. Also during the group session, please keep your screen on at all times. This allows the others in the group to feel safe knowing who is on the screen, as well as fostering greater connection among the group.

As a participant of this course, you will be given access to worksheets and video recordings that are not to be shared with anyone. Sharing this material is a violation of property. Participants are given access to these documents one year following the conclusion of the course.