Resilient Teens

Finding Strength in Shared Journeys

What It's All About

This ongoing support group is for teens whose parents have experienced betrayal in their marriage and need support while navigating their own experience with betrayal. This will be a processing group for teens 15-18 to share their experiences and learn valuable tools for coping such as emotional regulation, managing triggers, healthy communication, and living true to personal values. 
The group will be led by Morgan Ellsworth, a life coach who has walked the path of family betrayal as a teenager and knows what it’s like to be in your teens’ shoes. Occasionally, she will be joined by her mom, Hali Roderick, another coach who will help co-lead the group and who can offer valuable insight and guidance on betrayal trauma and family healing. 
*Open to both boys and girls, but will separate into two groups based on gender* 

How It Works

Teens will gain tools for coping with and managing the emotions and experiences related to their family betrayal. They will learn skills in areas such as emotional regulation, managing triggers, healthy communication, and living true to personal values. 
They will also have the support of a trained coach who has walked her own path of family betrayal trauma healing and their group members who can relate to shared experiences. The feeling of community will be such an asset to the teens who are navigating the unknown journey of betrayal recovery. 
This group is for teens 15-18.  If you are looking for a group for younger teens, please reach out to us
Zoom sessions are 90 minutes each, once a week

Coaches & Therapists

Image of Morgan Ellsworth

Morgan Ellsworth

Betrayal Trauma Coach, APSATS candidate, Board Certified Coach Trainee, DBT Skills Coach

Intake fee varies by coach. Please see their individual session rates 
for more info or contact us at info@chooserecovery services | 702.277.9145.
The office will reach out to schedule your session.

Available Sessions

Ongoing Group for variable intake fee + $50/wk,
Each session is 90 min long over Zoom

Resilient Teens: Girls
Wednesdays at 4:30pm MT, –
Led by Morgan Ellsworth.
Join Interest List for openings

6:30 pm according to your timezone (EDT)

Resilient Teens: Boys
Date and Time TBA,  Join Interest List to be notified