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Youth, Young Single Adults, Parents, and Family Firesides

Choose Recovery Family Speaking Events

Powerful messages for all ages aimed to empower individuals and families with tools to protect their families and marriages from pornography

Men, Women and Couples Retreats and Conferences

Choose Recovery Couple Events

Luke and Alana, owners at CHOOSE RECOVERY and program directors for the Men of Moroni Program and the WORTH Healing Programs will come inspire, empower, and motivate individuals to make lasting changes in their lives.

Middle School, High School and College Classes or Assemblies

Choose Recovery Services Speaking Events

Middle school, high school and college presentations sharing men and women’s journeys of how they found hope and healing from addiction, empowering individuals to protect themselves. Always age appropriate and in line with the values of the school.

5th Sunday, Relief Society or Individual Groups

Choose Recovery Speaking Events

If your ward family or church group needs a message of hope and recovery, our team is equipped to share stories and give tools so families can be empowered to fight the modern day plague. Real examples of healing and recovery.