Stages of Denial

With Amie Woolsey, escape denial and self-deception and set your paths on the road to healthier relationships.

What It's All About

Professor Daniel Goldman said, “When we deceive, delude or deny to our self, we mislead our self, we misrepresent or disown what we know to be true, we lie to our self, we refuse to acknowledge that which we know. The mind can protect itself against anxiety by diminishing awareness. In short, denial is a psychological defense mechanism that helps a person avoid a potentially distressing truth.”

It makes sense why we deny, it’s a learned behavior from early childhood. Just like my daughter denied she took the oreos yet the evidence is all over her face! It was her natural defense mechanism at work!

When we don’t want to see things as they really are, because the truth is hard, uncomfortable, or downright unnerving, we deny. But staying in denial keeps you out of reality, keeps you stuck and ultimately keeps you powerless.

Escaping denial and self-deception and setting our paths on the road to healthier relationships requires awareness, acceptance, and practice.

How It Works

In this self-paced course with Amie Woolsey, you will get more awareness as to how denial might be showing up in you, and affecting your ability to see things as they really are, and have the relationship with yourself that you really want.

When you watch, be aware of the different ways your human brain stays stuck in denial and write them down. These are great awareness to take to your coach or therapist to do further workaround.

3 lessons

$7 Self-paced