Surviving & Thriving After Divorce

6 Week Online Course with Staci Somes for those who are divorced or in the process of divorce

What it's About

There are many challenges with divorce and the process of divorce. Bottom line….it isn’t easy. Divorce
brings on many concerns, fears, worries and apprehensions. What will life look like in the future? Will
this pain ever subside? Sometimes its better that you are no longer in conflict with your former spouse
but there are still so many other questions. How do I move on? How do I interact with my ex? How can I
help my children through this in the healthiest way possible?

Join an intimate group of just 10 other women where we can come together to learn, share, and support
one another through some of the challenges that divorce brings. It is for women who are already
divorced or are in the process of divorce. This is not a class for those who are contemplating divorce.

This class is taught by Staci Somes, betrayal trauma and divorce coach and MACMH graduate whose
passion for helping women rise after the trauma of divorce.

What it Covers

  • tips for dealing with the shock and loss of divorce
  • skills to help you find yourself again
  • tools for learning how to trust again
  • information on establishing healthy boundaries
  • understanding and guidance on how to parent through a divorce and after
Each week content will be provided, we will process through it as a group, and some homework assignments will be given for the clients to bring to the next session. 

How It Works

  • 6 weeks of weekly coaching
  • Meets online Wednesdays from 6-7pm PST

This course is only for those who are divorced or in the process of divorce. The class is not for those who are still contemplating divorce. 

One-time payment of $200

Class Starts April 20th at 6pm PST!  Last day to register is April 18th!