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Why am I intolerant of pain
Betrayal Trauma

Why Am I Intolerant of Pain?

Have you ever felt trapped in patterns of behavior you can’t seem to break, even when you know they’re unhealthy? Understanding how pleasure and pain

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A.R.E. You there for me?
Betrayal Trauma

A.R.E. You There?

Have you ever felt alone, even in a crowded room – like your partner was mentally checked-out or emotionally unavailable during conversations? You’re not the

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Are you self-rejecting?
Betrayal Trauma

Are You Self-Rejecting?

When someone betrays your trust, the pain goes deep. During this difficult time, we often find ourselves turning against our own selves. Negative thoughts start

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people showing healthy empathy for another person

What Healthy Empathy Looks Like Through Betrayal

Empathy is so complex when we’re talking to women in betrayal trauma.
As we hone in on one area for the sake of starting somewhere, we encourage you to discern for yourself how you’re doing in these different areas. Ultimately, we hope to guide you towards embracing empathy in a way that’s healthy for you.

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