Terms and Conditions

Strive to Thrive
  • Your monthly membership will include access to a private Facebook page where you can get coached by Amie during the month. This does not guarantee that you will be responded to however. Each session a member will be invited to get coached in the group but not every member is guaranteed individual coaching. You will also be given access to the library with worksheets to help you during the month in your practice to thriving.
  • The first Wednesday of every month you will be invited to the Strive To Thrive group session where you will be able to gain more tools and concepts to help you in your journey to heal and thrive. This session does not guarantee that you will be coached individually. 

  • You may not share the recorded sessions with anyone, this may result in losing your membership immediately. I value the safety and privacy of those members of Strive To Thrive and take this seriously. If you are sharing because a woman can’t afford help and you feel she needs it, please have her reach out to me individually for financial assistance options. 

  • You may not share the worksheets with anyone as they are for membership use only. Any sharing without written permission may result in loss of membership.

  • To ensure the privacy of those in the group sessions each month, please have your camera in a private space and if others are in the vicinity please use headphones. This allows everyone in the session to feel safe to share and get coached adequately.

  • If you are wanting to cancel your membership please go to your account and cancel from there. If you need assistance please contact info@chooserecoveryservices.com. You are free to cancel anytime and with that you will lose access to the private Facebook page, recorded sessions, and library. 

Please read all of the above. By clicking below to register you agree that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this membership.