Transforming Your Triggers

A 6 week course taught by Hali Roderick about dealing with triggers from Betrayal Trauma

What It's All About

If you are experiencing betrayal trauma you are likely also experiencing “triggers.” These are reminders of your partner’s sexual acting out and emotional abuse and they can leave physical and emotional symptoms. Your body and mind could be communicating this triggered state through states and waves of nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches,  fear, stress, anger, grief, etc. Trying to manage your triggers may seem overwhelming, if not impossible. This is why we created this course because we want to give you the tools and knowledge you need to transform your triggers.

How It Works

Join an intimate group of just 10 women and learn all the tools you need for your personal transformation to true recovery and healing. This class is taught by Hali Roderick, certified betrayal trauma and addiction recovery coach, whose passion for helping women and men overcome the challenges of trauma triggers lead her to create this (and the Responding to Your Wife’s Triggers) course! This teaches an online 6-week course all about how to transform your triggers, and take the next step to true healing and recovery!

Led by Hali Roderick

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6 week course for $250