The Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics Assessment

Assess and evaluate the specific unhealthy dynamics happening in your relationship with the support of Amie Woolsey and Kim Day.

What it's about

Many women either have some idea that there are signs of abuse in their relationship or they at least know that something is definitely way off, but they just don’t have the vocabulary to accurately define it, and often don’t really want to see it. We get it!

Amie Woolsey and Kimberly Day have been where you are at and totally get it! They too have experienced abuse and know what it’s like to live in denial about their relationships. This is a judgement-free zone and nothing but support in YOUR goals and what you feel is the wisest step for you.

Awareness is so important to begin the process of healing. The relationship assessment will help you to evaluate more accurately the specific unhealthy dynamics happening in your relationship. They will help you to have more clarity around things as they really are.

This is a safe, private way to gain understanding, awareness, and better identify if there are unhealthy patterns happening in your relationship.
With 7 different categories of your relationship to explore, there will be an extensive amount of information to explore. This is why having someone trained in this assessment to walk you through your results is critical.

There are two ways to access and review the assessment :

One on One: $250

If you prefer to take your assessment and then have your results evaluated and discussed on an individual basis, that option is available with either Kimberly Day or Amie Woolsey.

You will spend an hour and a half with Amie or Kim and they will walk you through your results and help you understand the scoring as it pertains to your individual relationship. You can ask questions, they will help you gain more clarity by going through your answers, you’ll get feedback and gain further awareness and tools that will help you take the next step you feel comfortable with in your healing journey.

In this one-on-one experience, you’ll also be able to navigate personal experiences you have had and get their professional feedback and guidance.

You will be provided with further resources to help assist you in your journey as well.

Click the preferred provider below to schedule and receive your relationship assessment.

Group Assessment Review Class: $95

Once you receive your personal assessment, you will have an opportunity to meet in a group setting, with others who have also taken the assessment.

In this 2-hour psychoeducational class, your provider will walk you through the assessment and scoring as you self-evaluate your own personal results.

You do not have to share your results with anyone, you do not have to talk or participate, this is more psycho-educational as it will help you better understand how the assessment is scored, how to read your personal relationship assessment scoring, and gain more awareness into understanding the patterns and dynamics of your relationship.

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