Unleashing Your Power: Moving Through The Trauma of Partner Betrayal

Small groups of 3-4 women working directly with Alana Gordon to gain empowerment, healing, and movement forward.

What it's about

Betrayal trauma affects almost all areas of your life from trust, to self worth, emotional management, and much more. In Unleashing Your Power, we use a combination of a guided structure and open processing. Women will find support, tools, growth, and healing as they are guided by a therapist who is not only trained in betrayal trauma but has walked the path of healing herself. 


What you'll gain

In this group you will gain emotional tools to help you

  • Regulate your emotions,
  • Be able to successfully move through your triggers,
  • Learn how to trust yourself and others again,
  • And find the healing you need to fully embrace your life again. 

Online: Group is held weekly on Thursdays at 11:00 am PT

$75 per week