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Luke & Alana: Their story

Watch as Luke and Alana share their story to healing and recovery. Through this journey, they’ve learned that there is needed healing for her, him, and then the marriage. 

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With Luke & Alana

Part 1- Why isn't my sobriety making our marriage better?

Many addicts wonder why their sobriety isn’t making the marriage better. In four minutes we tackle why sobriety doesn’t equal recovery and the four needed traits to heal a marriage after addiction.

When you are trying to heal a relationship after betrayal, there are four main emotions the betrayer needs to learn to consistently do. Today we tackle humility.

Part 3 - Understanding Empathy After Betrayal

Empathy is essential in healing the relationship after betrayal. Luke and Alana talk about the struggles of empathy and give examples of what empathy can look like.

Part 4 - The Power of Vulnerability

After betrayal, vulnerability is needed to for the relationship to heal and is often one of the hardest things to do.

Part 5 - What does transparency actually look like?

After betrayal, transparency is needed to heal the relationship. But what does that look like? Luke and Alana tackle the emotional aspects of transparency.


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Time with Alana

Coming Back Together After Separation

Coming back together after separating can be an intimidating time. Here are some do’s and don’ts of reconciliation

While healing from betrayal trauma or the loss of a loved one, it’s sometimes hard to see our healing and progress. This analogy of the box and the button is a great visual reminder that you are moving forward!

What is the point of boundaries if the other person doesn't respect them anyway?