Women's Empowerment from Gaslighting

12 week group working directly with Alana Gordon. This group helps women recognize abuse, and works with them on tools to empower themselves to step out of the abuse cycle.

What It's All About

Healing from abuse comes in stages and often women are pushed towards making choices in the relationship that they do not want or aren’t ready for.

In this group, we explore the different layers of impact, how to start building up self worth again, how to listen to your intuition, working on healthy boundaries, and gaining tools to successfully move through triggers. 

How It Works

Tools you will gain include

  • managing emotions,
  • recognizing your intuition,
  • building self trust,
  • understanding abuse with more clarity,
  • along with connection and support from other women. 

Groups are held weekly for 75 minutes online and in person (Las Vegas, NV) with a twelve week commitment.

Email [email protected]com to join now or get on the waitlist!

$75 per week