YSA Healthy Dating & Empowerment Course

A course led by Amie Woolsey for single women ages 18 and up about what pornography addiction is and how to create healthy boundaries

What It's All About

Every woman I know who has gone through a difficult but necessary divorce will say, “I wish I would have known what to look for while we were dating” or statements like, “I had no idea what sexual addiction was, that porn could be addictive, or how it changes the brain.”  

Because of this, I wrote and coach a course for single women ages 18 and up. The course not only educates women about what pornography addiction really is and how to talk about it in a healthy way with those they date, but this course empowers women to be confident in themselves and their decisions. 

Women will learn more about what a healthy relationship looks like and how to recognize red flags. Learning to trust herself, love herself and what it means to have healthy boundaries in your life. 

It changes lives and gives women the knowledge and tools to date without fear.

How It Works

Weekly group course designed to both educate and empower women with informative lessons along with self empowerment topics that they are invited to practice in between sessions. 
*Each Session is 1-1.5 hours each week.
*Payments taken weekly or option to pay in full available as well
They have access to certified life coach, Amie Woolsey who makes it fun, creates connection and a safe place to ask question, process real time concerns and issues and help women learn to love themselves fiercely! 


Next session starts: Sept 11th

One-time payment of $480 or 12 payments of $40
$40/Week for 12 weeks