YSA - Women

Group coaching led by Amie Woolsey for single women ages 18 and up about healthy relationships, romantic and otherwise

What It's All About

Learning the truth about pornography, and how it effects relationships is important, but really when it all comes down to it our true work is within. Many are afraid to date, sick of dating, or are dating and confused. Some are loving the dating world and yet are being told they need to worry and be cautious. Whatever place you are in, doing the work on yourself first is how you will learn more about what a healthy relationship looks like, and what it does not.
What this group covers
  • Boundaries,
  • Self care,
  • Red flags to look for
  • The 7 different levels of intimacy
  • and more!
The world of dating is changing even more rapidly and I want every woman to know that no matter what life throws at them they are capable enough to make it through and that they are the creators of their life!

How It Works

Weekly group coaching designed to both educate and empower women with informative lessons along with self empowerment topics that they are invited to practice in between sessions. 

You’ll have access to certified life coach, Amie Woolsey, who makes it fun, creates connection and a safe place to ask question, process real time concerns and issues and help women learn to love themselves fiercely! 

Next group begins September 11th at 5:30 pm PST

$40/week for 12 weeks