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people showing healthy empathy for another person

What Healthy Empathy Looks Like Through Betrayal

Empathy is so complex when we’re talking to women in betrayal trauma.
As we hone in on one area for the sake of starting somewhere, we encourage you to discern for yourself how you’re doing in these different areas. Ultimately, we hope to guide you towards embracing empathy in a way that’s healthy for you.

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woman feeling psychological safety after trauma

Creating Safety After Trauma

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, learning to create psychological safety for yourself after trauma is a huge principle of healing.

Many of us don’t even know that we’re in charge of our own safety, and since we didn’t have it in place before the betrayal happened, our next best option is to put it in place now.

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woman looking for healing from betrayal trauma

Step One In Healing From Betrayal Trauma

Just as we’d tend to a scrape or a wound on our physical body, we have to pay attention to the wounding of our emotional body. We’re so quick to judge our mental or emotional pain, push it down, tell ourselves to suck it up and walk it off.

But if we had a cut or scrape that was bleeding, we wouldn’t do that. We’d open up our first aid kit and use those tools to help heal ourselves. Self care is no different. It’s an addition to your tool kit, particularly in healing from betrayal trauma.

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Bonus Episode Healthy Attachments with Dating Expert Loni Harmon

Bonus Episode: Healthy Attachments with Dating Expert Loni Harmon

Clearly we were meant to cross paths with dating expert Loni Harmon, because we share passions about very similar things. We love helping women and men who are trying to navigate dating and really date healthy. And when you’re setting your priorities in a healthy relationship, one of the first things you want to consider is what we’re discussing today: healthy attachment.

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woman looking sad as man looks out the window

Trauma Bonding Part 2 and Overfunctioning

As a continuation of our discussion on trauma bonding from last week, we’re bringing a second topic into the mix: overfunctioning. Overfunctioning in relationships is a pattern where one person tends to take on all the thoughts, feelings, and responsibilities for both people in the relationship. It’s a way of establishing a sense of control – a common result in cases of trauma bonding where the balance of control is disproportionate.

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A nice guy husband addicted to porn looking for recovery with his wife

Why Is My Husband Addicted To Porn?

Understanding the answer to the question, “why is my husband addicted to porn?” comes in understanding his conditioned behaviors. Who is trying to be, who he really is, and who he is hiding inside. Learn exactly why your ‘nice guy’ husband is addicted to porn and how to help him.

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Choose Recovery Service’s Rubric For Healthy Relationships and Dating

The Rubric For Healthy Relationships

Many young single adults I work with have no idea what boundaries are and how to implement them in their lives, especially around dating.

Learn what healthy dating really looks like, the different levels of intimacy and how to have healthy conversations around pornography, boundaries and more.

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man and woman in an embrace

Trauma Bonding

We’re going to tackle a hard topic for our 100th episode today: trauma bonding. Many women don’t realize they’re either in trauma bonds themselves or know someone who is. It’s a lot more prevalent than most of us expect. Let’s get some clarity around the term ‘trauma bonding’ and what it means, so we can better understand our relationships and experiences.

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loving your body

Loving Your Body After Betrayal Trauma

When you’ve been betrayed by your spouse, where it affects the highest level of intimacy, and hurts you where you’re most vulnerable, it can often be extremely traumatic and where the body is concerned. And it’s totally understandable.

Loving your body after betrayal trauma may sound impossible. But it can absolutely happen for you.

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