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A nice guy husband addicted to porn looking for recovery with his wife

Why Is My Husband Addicted To Porn?

Understanding the answer to the question, “why is my husband addicted to porn?” comes in understanding his conditioned behaviors. Who is trying to be, who he really is, and who he is hiding inside. Learn exactly why your ‘nice guy’ husband is addicted to porn and how to help him.

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Choose Recovery Service’s Rubric For Healthy Relationships and Dating

The Rubric For Healthy Relationships

Many young single adults I work with have no idea what boundaries are and how to implement them in their lives, especially around dating.

Learn what healthy dating really looks like, the different levels of intimacy and how to have healthy conversations around pornography, boundaries and more.

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man and woman in an embrace

Trauma Bonding

We’re going to tackle a hard topic for our 100th episode today: trauma bonding. Many women don’t realize they’re either in trauma bonds themselves or know someone who is. It’s a lot more prevalent than most of us expect. Let’s get some clarity around the term ‘trauma bonding’ and what it means, so we can better understand our relationships and experiences.

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loving your body

Loving Your Body After Betrayal Trauma

When you’ve been betrayed by your spouse, where it affects the highest level of intimacy, and hurts you where you’re most vulnerable, it can often be extremely traumatic and where the body is concerned. And it’s totally understandable.

Loving your body after betrayal trauma may sound impossible. But it can absolutely happen for you.

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therapist and client sitting across from each other in an office

Processing Betrayal Trauma

How do you know if you’re doing the work it takes to heal? One big aspect of doing the work and healing is learning to process what’s happening and allowing yourself to feel all your feelings.

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frustrated woman wondering how to set boundaries with in laws

Blaming In Laws

We’re taking this opportunity to talk about some of the common thoughts our brains offer when we’re feeling threatened. Join us for a discussion about facing sexual addiction, progressing through the stages of healing after infidelity, and learn new ways to interpret the relationship between you and your partner’s parents.

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