Healing is Possible with Staci Somes

Healing After Betrayal Trauma – A Conversation With Staci Somes

A Story of Betrayal Trauma and the Choice to Divorce

After nearly 19 years of marriage, Staci Somes discovered her husband had been unfaithful throughout their relationship. Both parties initially committed to therapy and fighting for their marriage. However, when the betrayals resurfaced years later, Staci realized it was time to let go. 

The Ongoing Struggle: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

While staying and battling for your marriage can be a courageous and beautiful choice, you eventually need to determine if you’re fighting for the relationship or just fighting to avoid change and hardship. Staying in a marriage where there has been betrayal is hard, and choosing to leave an unhealthy marriage comes with challenges, too. It’s about discerning which direction will ultimately lead you back to your true self.

Her Journey of Healing and Growth After Divorce

During her marriage struggles, Staci found strength by becoming a licensed counselor. She rediscovered her core gifts and passions that had gotten lost in the trauma. Visualizing future possibilities, connecting with supportive people, finding appreciation in daily moments, and keeping faith in blessings, even during the darkest times, were all key elements in her healing.

An Inspiring Message of Hope

While painful, Staci’s betrayal trauma eventually led her to her life’s purpose – helping other women heal and reclaim themselves after experiencing divorce and trauma. We all have the power to grow and transform our lives for the better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assess whether you’re battling for your marriage or just fighting change. Listen to your inner guidance.
  • Staying in a relationship after betrayal is hard. Leaving unhealthy relationships is also a challenge.. Choose the path to your truth.
  • Rediscover your buried gifts and strengths. Visualize possibilities for your future.
  • Connecting with supportive people provides vital comfort and strength.
  • Have faith that blessings and miracles can happen even during the darkest times.
  • You have the power to grow and heal from any trauma. Reclaim your inner light.

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