4 Pillars of wholeness with Dr. Don St John

Healing Trauma with Dr. Don St. John

Dr. Don St. John is a psychotherapist and author who focuses on helping people heal from childhood wounds and toxic stress. He has pioneered a way to think about human wholeness using four dimensions. 

Four Pillars of Healing Trauma

Dr. St. John outlines four key components for healing trauma:

Somatic Education

Trauma lives in the body, so we must address the physical along with the mental and emotional. Activities like yoga, meditation, and somatic therapies can help reconnect us to our bodies.

Psychological and Emotional Growth

We must uncover and challenge the core beliefs that were created by the trauma. This involves a willingness to take emotional risks again and re-learn how to be in a relationship.

Relational Enrichment

Relationships are where much wounding occurs, but also where the most healing can happen. We need support and safe relationships to practice vulnerability.

Spiritual Health

Connecting to something larger than ourselves helps us get the ego out of the way. Reflecting our “higher self” facilitates healing.

Key Takeaways

  • Trauma affects the whole being – body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Holistic healing is required.
  • Uncover and challenge negative core beliefs created by the trauma.
  • Relationships are risky but essential. Practice vulnerability with support.
  • Connect to your highest self by linking to something larger than your ego.
  • Use the pain as a catalyst for growth and choose healing daily.

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