Becoming Shame Resilient

A Self-Paced recording of the Becoming Shame Resilient topic from the 2021 Choose Recovery Conference

What is this about?

Shame is a common battle both partners experience when addiction or betrayal are present. Join Hali to learn how to identify what triggers shame for you and what to do with it when it starts to impact your life and your relationships.  She hopes to help you shift your thinking around shameful thoughts and grow into a place of self-compassion.

This self-paced course was created so you could go through it as many times as you need, at your own pace, and whenever you have time. If you have questions, or feel like your situation needs a more in-depth look, we offer Free one-on-one consultations as well as a variety of support groups and live online courses where you can ask questions and learn from others in similar situations to your own.

Image of Hali Roderick

Hali Roderick

TICC Trauma Informed Certified Coach, ICF Certified, APSATS Trainee, Certified* Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Recovery Coach

Created by Hali Roderick – $10

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