Bonus Episode Healthy Attachments with Dating Expert Loni Harmon

Bonus Episode: Healthy Attachments with Dating Expert Loni Harmon

Bonus Episode: Healthy Attachments with Dating Expert Loni Harmon


We’ve got an awesome bonus episode for you today, because we’re talking to THE dating expert, Loni Harmon. Loni is a licensed clinical social worker with over 10 years of experience helping singles create secure, lasting relationships. Loni is also a guest speaker for our upcoming divorce retreat in October. 

Clearly we were meant to cross paths, because we share passions about very similar things. We love helping women and men who are trying to navigate dating and really date healthy. And when you’re setting your priorities in a healthy relationship, one of the first things you want to consider is what we’re discussing today: healthy attachment.


What’s the big deal about attachment?

Attachment theory came about in the 1950s and essentially theorizes that early experiences with our primary caregivers set the tone for how we attach in other major relationships throughout our lives. And depending on how that caregiver showed up, that’s how we learned how to interact with the world. 

But it’s important to note: you are not your attachment style, and it’s not set in stone. So you can absolutely go about healing your attachment style and cultivate healthy attachments in dating.


Attachment style summary

We cover three different attachment styles in this conversation, which include:

  • Secure – Feels that most of the time, people show up and the world is a safe place.
  • Anxious – Needs deep connection to avoid a sense of loss or abandonment.
  • Avoidant – Becomes so independent and strong that they have no needs at all.


You’ll Learn:

  • How your attachment style affects the way you show up in relationships and dating
  • Ways to accept and own your attachment style so you can show up as yourself and connect authentically with others
  • Triggers for your attachment style and how to practice deep self-care 
  • How to honor your attachment style in the midst of healing from betrayal or addiction trauma




Meet the Faces Behind the Voices

Image of Alana Gordon, Betrayal Trauma Coach and Master Life Coach Trainer
Alana Gordon, MFTI
Bonus Episode: Healthy Attachments with Dating Expert Loni Harmon 1
Amie Woolsey, Betrayal Trauma Coach

Choose To Be is focused on women healing from infidelity, betrayal trauma, or from the sexual acting out of their spouse. We are a Christian based company, committed to helping women heal. Come be part of the conversation as we interview experts, others who have gone through this journey, as well as gain tools to help you move forward.

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