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Loving Your Body After Betrayal Trauma

Loving Your Body After Betrayal Trauma

You’ve experienced betrayal from a partner who has an addiction to pornography. You may have experienced infidelity in your relationship, too. And these experiences can bring up a lot of unhealthy feelings about your own body. 

Many of us already faced body insecurity before betrayal, only to then have those feelings magnified. Our world constantly gives us ideas that our bodies aren’t acceptable as they are, and they need to be different. We’re taught to judge our bodies against others’ and we unconsciously develop unhealthy practices that are normalized through our families, friends, and social media.

When you’ve been betrayed by your spouse, where it affects the highest level of intimacy and hurts you where you’re most vulnerable, it can often be extremely traumatic where the body is concerned. And it’s totally understandable.

Loving your body after betrayal trauma may sound impossible. But it can absolutely happen for you.

How to start loving your body after betrayal trauma

Every woman we work with wants to learn to do this, but most of us aren’t sure how to start, and quite honestly, it can cause feelings of fear. Betrayal trauma creates a disconnect between the brain and the body. We disassociate. So we lose that sense of reality because our bodies are the indicator of that reality. 

We think thoughts like, “If my body was different, if my body was better, then I would be more lovable. Then, my husband would stop looking at other women’s bodies, and maybe he wouldn’t have cheated.” 

But it’s totally possible to view yourself in a new way. To get you started on the path to appreciating and loving your body, today’s episode is addressing seven specific areas of healing.

You’ll Learn:

  • Getting to the root
  • Tapping into intuition: trusting your gut
  • Letting it flow: emotions
  • Personal empowerment: ignite the fire within
  • Expand the heart: choosing love
  • Having a voice – know your truth
  • Connection: access your higher self

Meet the Faces Behind the Voices

Image of Alana Gordon, Betrayal Trauma Coach and Master Life Coach Trainer
Alana Gordon, MFTI
Amie Woolsey, Betrayal Trauma Coach

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