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Choose Healing and Recovery Groups offer support for individuals and couples wanting to heal from the effects of compulsive sexual behavior and/or infidelity. Resources listed here are to help you. Choose Recovery’s programs are listed up top, but underneath you’ll find resources for other group programs, classes, webinars, retreats, and conferences happening in the community. We believe that as we all work together to heal, we are creating healthier and whole communities!

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  • In preparation for the up and coming Annual APSATS Betrayal Trauma Conference, we would love to hear your thoughts to better help us serve our betrayed partner community.  Please take a moment to complete this survey. Fill it out here 

Upcoming Events

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Main Groups

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Choose Podcasts

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Choose To Be: Betrayal Trauma Healing

With Alana Gordon and Amie Woolsey

Coming Soon!

Choose Couples Healing
with Alana Gordon
and Luke Gordon

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Recurring Monthly Webinars

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Speciality Choose Offerings

  • Couples Road to Recovery with Alana Gordon, MFTI, CCPS and Luke Gordon, Certified Men’s Health Coach 
    • Join Choose Recovery for a monthly webinar featuring Alana Gordon and Luke Gordon for a monthly couples discussion and a Q&A to follow. 
    • Last Sunday of each month at 7pm MT. Register here


  • Believing In You: Small Group Coaching 
    • The Believing In You program is for women in any situation who wants to be coached and learn tools and concepts to not only help her move forward after betrayal and or divorce but believe that she can. Join Amie Woosley for imitate, powerful support and growth. Register here

  • Transforming Your Triggers
    • If you are experiencing betrayal trauma you are likely also experiencing “triggers.” These are reminders of your partner’s sexual acting out and emotional abuse and they can leave physical and emotional symptoms. Your body and mind could be communicating this triggered state through states and waves of nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches,  fear, stress, anger, grief, etc. Trying to manage your triggers may seem overwhelming, if not impossible. This is why we created this course because we want to give you the tools and knowledge you need to transform your triggers. Learn all the tools you need for your personal transformation to true recovery and healing. This class is taught by Hali Roderick, certified betrayal trauma and addiction recovery coach, whose passion for helping women and men overcome the challenges of trauma triggers lead her to create this (and the Responding to Your Wife’s Triggers) course! This teaches an online 6-week course all about how to transform your triggers, and take the next step to true healing and recovery!
    • Led by Professional Betrayal Trauma Coach Hali Roderick. Next session starts soon!. Register here

  • Leaning In: A group for women ready to lean more into their relationship
    • This group is for women who have enough safety in the relationship that they feel ready to start leaning in again after betrayal. This is for women who
      • Have spouses actively and successfully working recovery
      • Are ready to work on some relational healing
      • May still have some triggers, but are not currently in a continually traumatized state or have had new trauma recently
      • Want to gain tools, processing, and support around complexities of leaning in to the relationship after a betrayal
      • For more information click here


  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? 


  • Choosing To Stay After Infidelity
    • 12 weeks of coaching in a small group setting (3-4 women or 3-4 men) where you will learn how your nervous system is affected after betrayal and some actionable steps to reclaim control of your body and mind when it becomes activated
    • If you are choosing to stay after infidelity but still find yourself struggling to emerge from the darkness and mud that you have experienced, then this group might be for you! Work on trusting yourself so that you can be open to the idea of trusting your spouse again. We will take a look at some areas of your recovery where there is room for more growth. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition and have more peace in your life. I believe that relationships can be rebuilt after betrayal if both spouses are willing to do the work of creating a new and solid foundation – a new relationship.Join me to learn how you can show up as a healthy and confident version of yourself! Led by Professional Betrayal Trauma Coach Hali Roderick. Next session starts March 13th, Mondays at 10am PT. Register here

  • Dating After Divorce
    • Being ready to date doesn’t mean you have to date, but when you are in a healthier place you will be giving yourself healthier options. I can’t wait to work with you and help you get the success you want! There is no getting around it, but it doesn’t have to be dreadful. If you are in the place where the thought of dating makes your heart feel like it’s jumping out of your chest (minus the warm fuzzies), then this class is for you! Let’s find out WHY you are not feeling ready, lets’ see what thoughts your brain is offering you to keep you from looking forward and stuck in the past trauma. 3 day course over Zoom with Amie Woolsey, Certified Life Coach. Cost: $150. Register here

  • Empowered Divorce Q&A
    • For those navigating divorce or are divorced, this is an opportunity to come ask questions and more importantly feel the support from other women and feel empowered through your divorce and learning to thrive. Held the first Thursday of every month @5:00pm PT. Lead by coach Amie Woolsey. Register here


  • Young Single Adult Skills Around Dating, Boundaries, and Knowing Yourself 
    • A class for young adults to learn what a healthy relationship looks and feels like along with tools like recognizing red flags, boundaries, how to have sensitive conversations, having a voice, pornography is today’s dating world, and more. Great for those single, dating, or engaged. Lead by Amie Woolsey. $30 a week, 12 week course. Register here

  • Am I In An Abusive Relationship? 
    • Free self paced on-line guide. This self paced course offers basic concepts to consider as you assess your relationship. No one wants to really see their relationship as abusive, yet we don’t want to ignore reality. This course safely allows you to get more curious as you learn concepts around healthy vs unhealthy. Worksheets are provided to help your awareness around this sensitive yet critical topic. Register here. For more information and help in assessing your situation please reach out to Amie Woolsey for a consultation. If you are currently being physically abused, please reach out to someone safe immediately.  Access course here


  • Men’s Empowerment After Betrayal 
    • For men who have been betrayed by their spouse who have their own healing and recovery. For more information or to sign up, please email 


  • Prepare To Thrive in Early Marriage
    • 10 week course for engaged or newly married couples to learn about healthy intimacy, healthy communication, and conflict resolution. You can learn more here. Email for more information


  • Planning for Divorce 
    • A class for women with trauma due to betrayal or abuse who are thinking about, preparing for, or who are starting the process of divorce, $95 Pre-recorded 4-part class, 3 hours. Register here


  • Full Disclosures
    • Interested in laying a foundation of truth and honesty in  your relationship? Full disclosures benefit both the acting out partner as well as the betrayed. Learn more here
    • Looking to heal a relationship with your adult child who needs transparency and honesty? Learn more here


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Community Offerings

  • Helpful Apps

Brain Buddy – Quit Porn Reboot

How We Feel – Learn to have more emotional awareness

Streaks – Track your daily healthy habits

Calm – Meditation and Anxiety/Stress Relief

Headspace – Meditation

Gottman Card Deck – Relationship Improvement

Helpful Podcasts

    • APSATS – The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Betrayal offering training to professional coaches and therapists on best practices for treating betrayal trauma along with resources for betrayed partners. If your coach or therapist is not trained with APSATS, we encourage you to share this resource! 
  • Body, Spirit, Mind Women’s Betrayal Trauma Retreat
    • Enhance Your Recovery Retreat with mind, brain, and body healing. September 13th – 17th Queen Creek, Arizona. Limited to only 7 women! Learn more here
  • Bayan Group Intensives
    • Six week addiction intensives, partner intensives, sexual compulsive intensives and more. Learn more here
  • Bloom For Women free video courses
    • Wanting to know more about betrayal trauma? Access free video courses here
  • Conversations on Sex, Addiction, and Relationships 
    • With Jeanne Vattuone, Tim Stein, Dan Drake, and Wendy Conquest. Watch on YouTube or listen on podbean
  • Gaslighting 12 Week Course w/Gaslighting Coach Sarah Morales
  • Grounding To Grow: Yoga with Shay
    • Heal your nervous system, heal your trauma. Seven week course, all levels. $40 a week. Tuesdays 7-8pm MT, online and in person Kaysville, UT. For details email Shay at 
  • Safe Space – A healing space for women
    • Feeling like you need a bit of extra support or clarity?  Curious about patterns that are taking place WITHIN your relationship that you are not sure how to interpret or respond to? Safe Space is an online resource for women who are experiencing, or who are healing from, destructive and confusing relationship dynamics. This video gives a quick introduction and walk-through of this resource: Welcome Video. Sign up here
  • 2023 Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit

    • The Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit is an annual event where sexual integrity professionals are blessed by the love of God and the fellowship of other leaders. Jacksonville, Florida May 18th-20th, 2023. Learn more here

  • Divorced from Betrayer and Remarried to a Healthier Man: Support Group
    • Join Certified Life Coach Heidi Davies in weekly group coaching sessions for divorced women who are now remarried in a healthy relationship. We will discuss how to tame triggers, co-parent, blend families, and many other challenges that come with remarriage. We meet weekly on Thursdays at 6 pm Pacific Time. Register here
  • Bystander Basics Course
    • Bystanders Basics is a class for YOUR support people – moms, dads, sisters, best friends, etc. Check out the Mothers Who Know Podcast episode where Ashly talks about it to learn more here. Fridays 10:30-12:30pm MT. $50 registration, $30 a week. Register by emailing Ashly here 
  • Returning to You Retreats
    • Monthly options for retreats. Healing, renewal, support. Learn more here
  • Marriage Repair Workshops for LDS Individuals
    • Men’s and women’s groups available. For more information and registration click here
  • Healing With Worth for LDS Women
    • Women’s groups with an LDS focus. Learn more here
  • Wholehearted Retreats for Women or Couples
    • Wholehearted grief retreat for women, June 23rd – 26th, 2023. Couples intensive retreat June 30th – July 3rd. Learn more here
  • Private Individualized Intensives in Florida
  • Rio Retreat Center @ The Meadows
    • Variety of workshops and retreats for women, men, and couples to heal childhood wounds, betrayal trauma, compulsive sexual behaviors, and more. Learn more here
  • Two-Day Summit @ The Embody Lab
      • The Somatic Trauma Healing Summit
      • Learn more here
  • Naked Truth Retreat
    • This weekend retreat, created and tailored for couples past the initial crisis stage of betrayal recovery, will offer you a chance to reflect on your journey as a couple.
    • San Antonio, Texas June 30th-July 3rd
    • Learn more here